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Physician Training

Hologic offers web-based training modules for surgeons, medical physicists and radiation oncologists. These are available anytime for your convenience. Click here to access these training modules for MammoSite and Contura targeted radiation therapy solutions.

Patient Education

Hologic gives you access to professionally produced materials to help educate patients in your community. Examples include breast anatomy posters, patient pamphlets, doctor-patient discussion guides, patient care instructions, and animated procedure videos.

Your patients will also have access to over 100 breast cancer survivor stories that discuss their experiences with 5-Day Targeted Therapy solutions.


MammoSite and Contura targeted radiation therapy solutions are reimbursed by both Medicare and a majority of private insurers. Hologic provides access to our health economics experts and reimbursement hotline for questions regarding coding, billing and claims. For more information on how to take advantage of these resources, please contact your local Hologic representative or fill out the contact a sales representative form.