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Hologic 5-Day Targeted Therapy solutions expedites radiation treatment from five to seven weeks to just five days. With this solution, you’ll spare your patient’s healthy tissue and organs from the effects of whole breast radiation, while providing her a more convenient therapy treatment.

Hologic recognizes that you have preferences when it comes to balloon brachytherapy products, so we offer a choice: MammoSite targeted radiation therapy system and Contura multi-lumen balloon catheters. The MammoSite system includes both single and multi-lumen balloon catheters and the Contura system includes two sizes of multi-lumen balloon catheters. Hologic multi-lumen balloon brachytherapy applicators are the only single-insertion APBI technologies that meet or exceed B-39 dosimetric guidelines.1,2 As such, they allow you to easily satisfy the current clinical recommendation that the dose to the skin be maintained at less than 125% of the prescription dose. 

With seven years of positive clinical evidence, and over 90,000 women successfully treated3, you can feel confident recommending this solution to your patients.

MammoSite targeted radiation therapy system

  • A single insertion balloon brachytherapy applicator
  • Available in single-lumen and multi-lumen configurations
    • Single-lumen catheter: 4.0-5.0cm
    • Multi-lumen catheter: 3.5-5.0cm
  • Multi-lumen balloon has multiple offset lumens allow for dosimetric optimization to minimize skin dose
  • Purple keyed stylet lumen aids in positioning of the multi-lumen balloon after implantation
  • Reusable marker wire kit available for purchase

Contura multi-lumen balloon system

  • A single insertion balloon brachytherapy applicator
  • Five individual treatment lumens enable ability to shift the isodose curve from the chest wall
  • Vacuum ports enable the removal of fluid and air and facilitate tissue conformance to the balloon
  • Available in two sizes: 4.0-5.0cm and 4.5-6.0cm
  • Reusable lumen marker kits available for purchase