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How it Works

Hologic 5-Day Targeted Therapy solutions works from inside the breast, directly targeting the area where cancer is most likely to recur.6

1. Lumpectomy

The cancer and some adjacent normal breast tissue are removed and a cavity is created for the MammoSite or Contura balloon catheter.

2. Placement

The uninflated balloon catheter is inserted in the lumpectomy cavity. Placement is done either at time of lumpectomy or in a post-lumpectomy procedure in the office or in the hospital. Hologic also offers a MammoSite Cavity Evaluation Device (CED) or a Contura Cavity Maintenance Catheter (CMC) to be used to assess the lumpectomy cavity prior to treatment balloon implantation or assess skin spacing and conformance. The CED or CMC can be left in the lumpectomy cavity as a placeholder until exchanged for the treatment balloon.

3. Treatment

After the MammoSite or Contura balloon catheter is inflated with saline/contrast to position the tissue, the radiation source is advanced into the catheter and radiation therapy is delivered as directed by the treatment plan over 5 days, 2 treatments per day. After each treatment, the seed is removed. No radiation remains in the breast in between treatments.

After the final treatment, the balloon catheter is deflated and is easily removed.